About Us

Hello, my name is Noel, welcome to my online store "Wood for Crafts" where you can purchase a selection of small wood sections for any hobby or craft project. You will also find various hobby and craft parts which may be of interest.

I have a small woodworking business located in a rural village in southern Ireland. I am almost 30 years in business manufacturing furniture and other wooden items. For more information on this side of my business please visit www.noelbarrywoodworker.com  When you purchase from my online store,you will, as all my customers do, receive personal attention from me at all times.

If your visit to Wood for Crafts is as a result of a search for some particular wood related item but you did not find it in my store, do ask, I may be able to supply it. I will also supply pieces of wood to order, cut to your specific sizes, so if you need a particular sized piece for a hobby, arts of craft project I will probably be able to supply it.

I also welcome suggestions for new products

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or comments you may have, I will reply to all

Thank you for visiting my website and do look in again as new items are constantly being added.

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